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Hideaway Woodwind Repair offers band instrument repair to musicians near Nashville, servicing Middle Tennessee and South Central Kentucky.

Blues Band


Woodwind Repair

We provide full service repair for all woodwind instruments, single and double reed instruments. We realize how valuable your woodwind instrument is to you. It is our promise to deliver the same high quality work for each individual customer.


Orchestral String Repair

We provide crack repair, bridge and peg replacement, seam repair, bow rehairs, and soundpost replacement to name a few services. If you need something repaired on your stringed instrument bring it by and we’d be happy to give you an estimate.


Brass Instrument Repair

Keeping your brass instrument clean and in playing condition is important to every musician. We have a wide range of cleaning services for all brasswind instruments. We also have an extensive array of dent tools allowing our technician to reach almost any dent. 

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