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Straubinger™ Certified

Master technician T.J. Herrick is Nashville’s only repairman certified to install and repair Straubinger™ Pads. Straubinger™ Pads are designed specifically for hand-made flutes and consist of different materials and components than a traditional pad. The patented pad support unit and profiled washer are machined to close tolerances, one at a time, on a high precision lathe. Also available are piccolo and clarinet pads based on the patented flute pad.

The actual installation of the Straubinger™Pad requires careful preparation of the flute. The instrument must be in the very finest mechanical condition in order for the pads to be installed properly. Special tools and training are required to perform this work. T.J. attended workshops to cover the concepts, methods of application, and procedures involved in installing the Straubinger™ flute pad. Successful completion of the workshop is determined solely at the discretion of David Straubinger and entitles the repair technician to be a certified Straubinger repairman, with full entitlement to use the Straubinger™ Pad in their repair business.


  • Improved precision, stability and pad durability

  • Better projection and intonation

  • Consistent response

  • Less repairs and adjustments needed

Please visit Straubinger™ Flutes for more information regarding Straubinger™ Pads.

Call or visit for estimate on Straubinger™ padding.


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